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What to look out for when purchasing your aquarium

While keeping an aquarium could be considered as a hobby by many, purchasing and maintaining it is a commitment and demands careful thought and consideration. In most cases, new aquarium owners are faced with unexpected challenges, eventually giving up even before they get started. When purchasing your aquarium, it is important to remember that you would also need other equipment such as a filter, heater and proper lighting. Along with making these important provisions, there are other crucial factors to consider when purchasing your aquarium.


There are many different sizes and shapes of aquarium tanks available today, hence it is important to give purchasing a new one some thought. Purchasing a tank that is deeper than your arm length is not ideal as you could face maintenance challenges. Although such long column tanks give a nice view from the outside, they are not great for first timers. In cases of power outage, long column tanks could suffocate your fish if you have little or no knowledge on how best to manage them. Bow-fronted or standard rectangle aquariums are great options as they have large surface areas, providing your fish enough space to exercise and swim in.


After you must have determined your desired aquarium tank size, it will be time to consider your budget and do some shopping. Potential aquarium owners usually think it is best to buy an aquarium that is very affordable thinking any tank will be just fine. However, this is not the case. In reality, purchasing decent equipment would cost a reasonable sum. Therefore, after considering the ideal size and specifications of the tank, it would be wise to save up some more until the funds for a good aquarium and the necessary equipment are available.


There are three basic aquarium tank types – the glass tanks, systemized aquarium tanks, and the complete set-up tanks. The glass tank type does not come along with the other necessary equipment. You would need to purchase the lighting, hood, stand, filtration system, test kits, and heater. Making separate purchases for these items can be more expensive in the long run. However, there is an advantage as you get to buy exactly what you need for your set-up.

Systemized aquarium tanks usually come with the filtration and lighting systems already installed by the manufacturer. This makes the job of setting up the aquarium a lot easy. Although it is possible to do an upgrade or change the tank equipment, the process is not so easy. Therefore, it is best to make sure systemized aquarium tanks fit your needs for the long term before making any purchase.

Although the complete set-up aquarium comes along with some equipment, you may still need to purchase other items separately such as test kits, cleaning equipment, and background paper. The major disadvantage here is that you may not be able to make any changes to the equipment that follows a complete set-up aquarium regardless of the manufacturer.

Number of Fish

Finally, it is ideal to be realistic about the number of fish you desire to keep in your aquarium before making any purchase. This will help you determine the size of aquarium you need and the space needed to accommodate the tank. It would be best to start with a few small fish that are easy to care for before adding bigger, more challenging fish to your aquarium. This will give you the needed experience.

Planning well ahead before making any purchases will give room to little to no errors. This will improve your chances of achieving success.