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Saltwater aquarium vs Freshwater aquarium

Are you an aquarium owner? Well, a step towards the most important decision regarding your aquarium and the health of your fishes and that is whether to fresh or salt water in your fish tank.

Both the types of water have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, maintenance, and other necessities.

Starting it off, some factors that are majorly affected while choosing between fresh and salt water and they are as follows:

In comparison between Salt and Freshwater, the cost has a huge difference between both of them. It is a common fact to fish keepers that saltwater cost a good deal when compared with freshwater and that is true to many extents.

You are going to spend a lot more money on salt water in comparison to freshwater and will be having a need to keep additional equipment for the tank as well.

If you have chosen to include them, corals can also bring a raise to the cost you are actually going to spend on your tank. All of these points must be kept in mind with the realization of the relativity of the cost.

You can expect additional hard work while changes the saltwater from your tank and that too because you have to in cooperate saltwater beforehand.

To make sure this process is done properly, you have to buy a hydrometer in order to maintain the accurate salinity level. Also, the whole process is time-consuming as salt dissolution is taken time.

So, unlike saltwater, the water changing process with freshwater is quite easy because it does not include any mixing of salt in it but freshwater must be purified and free from any toxic chemical.

The cleaning and maintenance of freshwater are fairly easy as compared to salt water. All it regularly requires if the complete check on water’s color and temperature. A proper food for your fish and thorough cleaning of your water tank.

Unlike freshwater, saltwater requires additional work and attention because the nitrate cycle is needed to be maintained in it with the salinity of water and temperature.

Lighting in salt water is super costly. The corals need metal halide lightening and that is high-cost maintenance.

Power Compact Lighting can be used in place of high light corals or metal

halide but are still costly than standard fluorescent lighting. Saltwater corals use actinic lighting which cannot be used in freshwater as it can cause the growth of algae.

However, in freshwater tanks, the lighting is only preferred to makes the whole aquarium look according to your taste.In this case, no matter what your choice is, the lighting is what your choice is, and you are not bound to spend more or less money on it. So, happy fish keeping.