how and why you should cycle your tank how to add and care for fish

How to add and care for your fish

Calming, attractive, and endlessly fascinating, fish make great pets. Whether you are new to fish keeping or an experienced fish keeper, you are well aware of the wonderful qualities of these pets. Proper care of your fish is an essential part of keeping an aquarium and this care takes a little more than just feeding them. However, ensuring your fish are healthy and well taken care of is not an arduous task and rest assured the results are rewarding. Nonetheless, there are still unique requirements that must be met to ensure proper care of your fish. One of these requirements involve proper introduction of the fish to your aquarium.

How to Add your Fish

After you have set up your aquarium and carefully chosen the best collection of fish to introduce to your tank, you would want to ensure you add them to the water properly. It would be sad to lose your pet after the initial excitement just because they did not acclimatize properly to their new home. This occurs because fish can undergo a shock process when they are moved from one tank to another. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • After adding water to your aquarium, allow it set for about two to three days. This will ensure stable water conditions of the aquarium and allow your fish settle.
  • If you are using a new tank, it is ideal to start out by adding only one or two fish per week. This will ensure the eco-system develops slowly, allowing the right bacteria grow naturally.
  • Turn the aquarium light off as the fish will feel better in a dark environment.
  • Since the fish are usually in a clear plastic bag when they are brought from a pet store, place the bag on the fish tank water carefully and allow it float for about 15 minutes. This will ensure the water in the plastic bag acclimates with the fish tank water.
  • If you already have some fish in the aquarium, allow the bag float for 10 more minutes (25 minutes). This extra acclimatization period will allow the fish to become successfully “introduced” to each other.
  • After the floating and introduction, you can open the plastic bag, put some water (preferably with a cup) from the tank into the bag and allow it for a few minutes. This mixing will allow the fish gradually adjust to their new habitat.
  • After mixing, open the plastic bag and slowly turn it into the water, allowing the fish move into their new habitat. Ensure you do not pour the water from the plastic bag into the fish tank. Give the fish some time to settle (a few hours would be ideal) before turning the light on to allow them get used to the dark environment.

It is also recommended that you do not feed your new fish on the first day of introduction so they can swim around freely and properly settle in. When your fish settles in properly, troubles are less for the fish – and for you!