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Aquarium plants for saltwater

The care of your saltwater aquarium plants is crucial to the overall condition of your fish tank. The aquarium plants do not only create an attractive, visually pleasing scene, but they are also essential for the health conditions of your fish, quality of water, and overall care of the aquarium. Hence, the care of your saltwater aquarium must be taken seriously. In making a decision on the best saltwater aquarium plants you need in your tank, you must first decide what you wish to achieve with the plants. If you want big, healthy aquatic plants, you should be sure of the needed equipment and same applies if your desire is for more care and attention to be given to the fish than plants in your tank.

The term “marine plants” can be effectively used to describe both sea grass and macro algae. Macro algae are not true plants themselves but they absorb food nutrients through their cell structure, rely on the energy from the sun for food (photosynthesis), and provide a base for the food chain of large water bodies. Some marine plants are suitable for use in an aquarium while others are not. The macro algae is classified into three namely: Chlorophyta (green algae), Rodophyta (red algae), and Phaeophyta (brown algae). The sea grasses are classified into two – Angiospermae and Magnoliophytae. Mangrove plants are also used by aquarists for fish tanks although they only thrive in areas where they would not need to grow above the water.

Sea Grass

Sea grass species are often found in saltwater aquariums – they are productive plants that form extensive meadows in shallow, nutrient-rich habitats in tropical and sub-tropical environments. These marine plants provide habitat for immature fish and filters the habitat at the near-shore areas of nutrients in order to create an oxygen rich environment.

Shaving Brush Plant

The shaving brush plants are macro algae used in saltwater aquariums – they are attractive and help in the reduction of nitrates and phosphate and nitrates from the water column. The shaving brush plants thrive in sandy shallow water fields and have a tubular stalk with lots of long, thin leaves. They need good lighting appropriate for a planted fish tank to thrive.

The Mermaid’s Fan Plant

The mermaid’s fan plant is a green calcareous alga mainly found in the Caribbean and is usually available for use in saltwater aquariums. They have short sterns and form a fan-like leaf that is about oval in shape. The Mermaid’s Fan Plant is generally a hardy plant but sufficient calcium and good lighting is required for them to thrive.
Selecting the right plants for your saltwater aquarium can be really tricky as they are not typical plants, but algae. Although there are good and bad algae, a good aquarist would quickly notice bad algae as the uncontrolled growth of a micro algae or the varying shapes and sizes macro algae takes while growing are negative signs and these algae must be cut off from the aquarium.