aquarium plants

Aquarium plants for freshwater

Natural plants are an ideal way to decorate your freshwater aquarium as it not only provides a natural filtration system for your fish, but it also helps to keep the fish fresh at all times. Food, safety, and comfort are a few benefits of aquarium plants, making them near indispensable if you desire a vibrant and healthy tank condition. If you are looking for a way to start a planted aquarium, making good research is important. This is because while some aquarium plants are tough enough to withstand the change in water temperature and chemistry as they are placed in a planted tank, others may not be as strong. Here we take a look at the best aquarium plants for your freshwater aquarium.

Java Moss

The Java Moss plants are very popular for freshwater aquariums especially because they are low maintenance plants. However, the java moss is very attractive especially to lovers of shrimp as they give them amazing and attractive spots. The plants are best appended to any ornaments such as driftwoods or rocks in your aquarium – elastic bands can help you with the needed support to achieve this. Appending it is ideal as the plant usually floats when there is no support. They have a fuzzy green appearance at the bottom of your aquarium and tolerate water temperature of 70°F – 90°F but they thrive best in temperature range of 70°F – 75°F. a big advantage of the java moss plant is that they do well in all kinds of lighting.

Amazon Sword

The amazon sword plant is another amazing freshwater aquarium plant. It is a great plant for beginners as they can thrive in a variety of conditions; they also have low lighting demands, and low level of nutrients to do well. However, Amazon Sword thrives better in an environment where high level lighting and good nutrients are available. Direct lighting of about 72°F – 82°F temperature is ideal for this aquatic plant. They also have sword-like leaves and grow really up to 20 inches tall!

Water Wisteria

Also known as Bunch Plants, the Water Wisteria plant grows quickly, adding beauty and depth to your freshwater aquarium. They also make for visually pleasing spots for shrimps to navigate and explore around. The Water Wisteria plant is especially preferred as the leaves have very fascinating shape, thrives well in a variety of conditions, and flourish even under loose lighting. They also grow easily and require low maintenance to do well.

Pygmy Chain Sword

Also known as Narrow leaf, the Pygmy Chain Sword plant is a great freshwater aquarium choice for both beginner and expert hobbyists. They thrive better in proper lighting, producing an attractive red color, although they still do fairly well in every condition. It is especially a great choice for beginners as they could flourish with almost no care. The brilliant color they produce under good lighting is usually the point of convergence in the freshwater aquarium and aquarists take time to look this place. They do well in soft or hard water, low or high pH and a variety of water temperature conditions, making it a top choice for many aquarists.